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Benghazi: Misconduct by Obama and the press

Why is Benghazi report needed? It shows voters how Clinton deals with a crisis.

Four men, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, died as a result of terrorist attacks in Libya on September 11, 2012. The Obama administration cooked up a phony story during a re-election campaign that the attack was the response of Muslim anger over an obscure video. Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton repeated these same lies to the public and the families of the victims.

Years of stonewalling by President Barack Obama is dismissed by The Sun with the laughable comment that "the Obama administration was slow to share information" ("Benghazi's final bell," June 29). Democrats on the House Select Committee made it clear at the outset that they viewed the investigation to be partisan and did their very best to sabotage it. They issued a Minority Report that places great emphasis on Donald Trump but little on any culpability by the Obama administration.

Such conduct deserves condemnation. But who is the subject of The Sun's wrath? The Republicans! If there is one thing that is clear from the Benghazi debacle, it is that The Sun will do its very best to gloss over the incompetence, fabrications and misconduct of the Obama administration and try to direct people elsewhere.

We deserve better from The Sun and our leaders.

Robert C. Erlandson, Ellicott City

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