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MLB needs a salary cap

Why can't Major League Baseball impose an NFL-style salary cap?

I understand what the letter writers are saying regarding the cost of going to a professional baseball game ("Don't blame the fans for staying home," Sept. 23). My budget also precludes me from attending more than a couple of times a year. I well remember when the Orioles broke a million attendees in a season. Now it is something over 2 million, but we still can't afford to buy front line pitching?

The problem is that we want a winner. And unfortunately, given a free market for talent, a small city like Baltimore cannot compete with Boston or New York. Yes, you can win it all without spending the big money, but it sure is harder to do.

My solution would be to impose a salary limit like the NFL has. How unlikely would it be that the player's union would sign off on that?

Henri Raub

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