Women to watch and women to watch out for

I was left shaking my head in dismay after reviewing The Sun Magazine's special edition on Baltimore women leaders and the reaction to it ("50 women to watch in Baltimore," July 22).

Ah, what a difference two simple three-letter words would have made: Instead of naming disgraced former Mayor Sheila Dixon as someone to "watch," she should have been listed as someone to "watch out for."

Reading this undeserved recognition of Ms. Dixon, I am reminded of the case of convicted, removed-from-office and then re-elected Mayor Marion Barry of Washington, as well as the now equally repugnant former Rep. Anthony Weiner, who is now running for mayor of New York City.

What's more amazing to me than the fact that these people have the gall to put themselves before the public again is that Americans are actually supporting such garbage. It just goes to prove that as long as the citizenry continues to "dumb down" and accept the lowest common denominator as the standards, we will all get what we deserve.

Richard Seiden

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