Hale brought year-round life to Burns Arena

I would like to clarify some of the statements made in your article about Hale Properties and the Baltimore Blast leaving the Clarence H. Du Burns Arena ("In dispute with city, Hale moves businesses out," Feb. 28).

The management fee to run the Du Burns Arena mentioned in the article has been declining over the years. In fact, the last agreement, which ended on January 21, included no management fee to be paid to Hale Properties to operate Du Burns Arena.

Hale Properties was also responsible for paying all the operating expenses of running Du Burns Arena, and the Blast paid a rental fee to the city for use of office space there.

The Blast and Hale Properties were very proud that we were able to bring the Du Burns Arena to life for all 12 months of the year. This occurred because Ed Hale had the vision to air-condition the field so that the demand for usage would still be there in the spring and summer.

Mr. Hale fronted the money for the air-conditioning, which the city repaid him over the course of the first year of the contract. As we increased the revenue for the building, the management fee decreased and eventually disappeared.

The Blast and Hale Properties are also very proud of the many community activities that we allowed in the building at no cost.

In addition, please note that the city's original request for proposals to run the facility included management of the nearby dog park.

Kevin M. Healey

The writer is president of the Baltimore Blast.

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