Schaller fails to see danger of U.S. debt

Columnist Thomas F. Schaller's analysis is incredibly myopic ("Avoiding Europe's austerity nightmare," April 18). To compare the economic condition of the U.S. to those of Greece or Spain at the beginning of the economic crisis is comparing apples and oranges.

The fundamental strength of the American economy was far greater than that of the countries he selects in order to contrast and applaud President Barack Obama's response. In short, America had the ability to absorb additional debt — for a time. But to call that enormous injection of debt a "success" is both premature and short-sighted.

Whether the "stimulus" package "worked" remains to be seen. That the philosophy behind it has put this country on an unsustainable path is crystal clear. Without a recognition of that fact, we will be the Greece of 2030. Keep the tea party protesters here; send writers like Paul Krugman and Mr. Schaller on the slow barge to Europe.

Thomas F. McDonough, Towson

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