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The Apple Watch and the invention of need

You didn't even think you needed a smart watch until Apple told you so.

I hate it when Apple launches a new product ("Apple unveils one to watch at event: Price starts at $349 for smartwatch," March 10).

The pitch is always the same: Make the masses believe they need this product to function effectively in the high-tech world of today.

I am certain that many Americans will buy into the drivel that Apple CEO Tim Cook espouses. The latest is the Apple Watch, which Mr. Cook will do his level best to convince people they not only want but truly need in order to navigate through life in 2015.

When I see Mr. Cook touting the benefits of owning an Apple Watch, one of the Ten Commandments from my Catholic upbringing keeps crossing my mind:

"Thou shalt not worship false gods."

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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