We can't afford a naval arms race

It is truly amazing to me that Op-Ed writer David W. Wise manages to write his scholarly and detailed piece ("Wrong course for Navy weapons research," July 13) on where our Navy will be heading over the next 30 years until 2041 without once mentioning why these new ships will be built, and against what potential enemy. It certainly isn't Somali pirates! Once again, this is part of the military-industrial complex smokescreen that obscures all of our military moves from 1993 to the far future, as we hunker down to confront the People's Republic of China in a possible third World War. We are doing it in exactly the same way, moreover, as did Great Britain and Imperial Germany during the years that preceded the First World War, 1897-1914, primarily via a ramped up naval arms race that we can ill afford in today's economic climate. The aircraft carriers of World War II made the battleships of World War I obsolete, just as, now, the carriers have been partially rendered less effective by submarines, and yet, we continue to build more of all of them, an unprecedented arms race unabated since Dec. 8, 1941, the last time this country declared war. Here we go again!

Blaine Taylor, Towson

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