Why does Trump attack — even when it's to his own detriment?

President Donald Trump is an admitted counterpuncher. If someone attacks him even with a verbal criticism, he will reflexively strike back harder and more viciously. That trait seems to be compulsively ingrained in his makeup. His staff does a balancing act of trying to sufficiently appease his ego and temperament while trying to restrain him.

But Trump believes he knows better than anyone and, as president, is in a position to do whatever he wants. Our president can spontaneously turn against and attack any person or institution, including those whom he has previously praised. He attacks, even when doing so is to his own detriment.

If it was just a matter of not acting “presidential,” that would be innocuous. But power in the hands of a personality who acts impulsively without thinking it through can have dangerous consequences for him and for the nation.

If the president is innocent of colluding with the Russians in skewing our national election, then he should stop counterpunching against the investigative process, for in doing so he may well be crossing the line into criminal obstruction.

However, there is another explanation: Either he is protecting his children or himself from the truth that they did collude with the Russians. Perhaps the president fears disclosure of other information that may be revealed in the investigation.

— Max Rose, Buffalo Grove

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