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Sun ignores the Libertarian candidates

In your Thursday, Aug. 9 issue you had at least two political pieces that had significant omissions. The two in question are "Ben Jealous lays out his path to victory" on page 2 and the editorial "Year of the woman?" on page 12. Disregarding that the headline for the first seems to assume that Ben Jealous' plan will result in his election to governor, you again failed to mention that the voters of Maryland will have the opportunity to vote for a Libertarian Party candidate, Shawn Quinn. I guess you continue to think that the voters should not receive complete information about the gubernatorial election. The second piece discusses the numerous women who will be on ballots across the state in November; you do not mention the Libertarian Party candidate for the 1st Congressional District, Jenica Martin. I guess that non-major party candidates do not warrant any "ink" in your newspaper. I think it unfortunate that you continue to ignore options that the voters of Maryland will have on November 6. So much for expecting unbiased coverage of our elections.

David Griggs, Columbia

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