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Don't let Lexington Market slip away

That was a great column by Dan Rodricks on Lexington Market (“Shop at Lexington Market, or else the rat wins,” Aug. 21). As someone who has visited some of the world’s great markets in the course of working on food television shows and who remembers in the late 1940s taking the streetcar with my parents every Saturday morning from North Longwood Street in West Baltimore over to the North Avenue Market to do the weekly food shopping, I am very painfully aware that we can’t let Lexington Market slip away from us. We can’t, as Mr. Rodricks writes, “let the rat win.”

One thing we can all do as interested Baltimoreans is to visit the market more often — more than once every 30 years. And when we do visit, we should take others with us to introduce them (or re-introduce them) to what should be a treasured institution. Lexington Market is one of the very few things in our city that is authentic, that offers the best of the best (rodents aside) and that provides connections to both the past and the future in very honest and meaningful ways.

Don Barto Sr., Timonium

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