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Vote 'yes' on campaign finance reform [Letter]

I agree that Montgomery County's campaign finance reform bill is a step in the right direction ("An alternative to fat-cat politics," Sept. 22). In recent years, big-money donations have corrupted our elections and therefore made our political system less democratic.

Never before has our nation seen such vast sums of cash flowing into politics. Money talks. The wealthy individuals and corporations throwing this money at candidates have their own agendas and make it hard for candidates to focus on average donors. Therefore, I feel as if my representatives are left little choice but to spend time seeking big checks and aren't able to represent my interests and concerns. In the current system, the $25 I can offer won't get my candidate's attention as much as donations from mega-donors who write big checks. I feel that my voice is being drowned out.

The Montgomery County bill gives county council members the option to show that their loyalty is to the average citizen. A "yes" vote will bolster efforts to pass similar legislation at the state and federal levels, the next steps in the struggle to take back our democracy.

Georgios Gulino, Baltimore

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