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Don't expect Ocean City police to protect rental properties [Letter]

I join letter writer Joe Heldmann in being thankful that he sold his Ocean City rental property ("Ocean City needs to enforce its laws," Aug. 22).

He rented it out for an entire season to Russian "kids," while he slept soundly 150 miles away in Catonsville.

His $25 noise ordinance fee is hardly enough to keep police officers at his condo door on a regular basis to supervise partying teenagers.

I rent out two condos on a weekly basis in Ocean City through an online site. I take the time to vet potential tenants and I try to select only groups of mature homeowners who sound like they would respect my property and community.

Since I'm in Baltimore, I also pay a handyman who lives in the community to address my guests' needs and respond if neighbors complain. In six years there has never been a complaint.

If rental owners want someone else to do the job of policing their rentals, they need to pay someone locally to deal with what could then go wrong. The $25 noise ordinance fee is hardly the answer to irresponsible renting.

Georgia Martin, Baltimore

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