More manifestations

Though seldom emerging from the steel-and-reinforced-concrete bunker under the Baltimore Sun building on North Calvert Street from which I direct news desk operations, I do occasionally appear in public. Two such occasions are near, with one on the horizon. 

Tomorrow morning and a week from tomorrow I will be at the console of the once-mighty Casavant at Memorial Episcopal Church in Bolton Hill, accompanying the congregation during the 9:30 service. 

More remotely, I have been invited to present a workshop at the Editors' Association of Canada's first international conference in Toronto, June 12-14, 2015.

I will be speaking on metaphor and ornamental language. Some of you will recall the "That Crepuscular Light" session, which I am revising. William Blake wrote, "You never know what is enough unless you know what is more than enough." I am prepared to share and discuss an ample supply of more than. 

Otherwise, pretty much back in the bunker. 

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