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Michael Peroutka represents our values [Letter]

I have read many articles about Michael Peroutka, the Anne Arundel County Council candidate for District 5 ("Hogan, GOP concerned about Arundel candidate's ties to secessionist group," July 25).

These articles are mostly made up of name-calling, rumors and other allegations without any evidence or sources other than the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is a tainted source at best.

Where are the articles that actually include facts? Where are the supposed exposes on the other candidates? The attacks on Mr. Peroutka are a tired and overused tactic of the Democratic party and their co-conspirators in the media.

Mr. Peroutka's platform is centered on less government, less regulation, lower taxes and the repeal of the so-called "rain tax."

His Democratic opponent, Patrick Armstrong, cannot talk about any of these issues because he is for more government control, more government regulation and more government spending.

Mr. Peroutka, like Ronald Reagan understands that "government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem."

All of this coverage seems to be just another liberal distraction meant to keep the people from the real issues, which the Democrats cannot win because their beliefs are not our beliefs. Mr. Peroutka represents our values.

Theresa Buker, Glen Burnie

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