Spare the Dumbarton trees [Letter]

I know there has been a lot of controversy about the plan for Baltimore County Public Schools to destroy huge, century-old trees behind Dumbarton Middle School and an effort to save the Dumbarton trees ("Rodgers Forge residents rally for trees," July 2).

I am a rising junior at Towson High School. I live next to Dumbarton. The park behind Dumbarton is like the backyard of my childhood. Most of the trees that the school system wants to cut are tied to childhood memories. When I was little, I would hang out with my closest friends by the trees and climb some of them. We would sit under the trees and talk. We would play and have a great time. Some of my friends have moved, and walking by the trees makes me remember the great times we had there.

Knowing that the trees will be gone really bothers me, especially because there is no real need to kill them. With the destruction of the trees will come the death of a part of me. Besides my childhood memories, the trees remain a part of my life today. During stressful times in high school, I walk my dog in the park to help clear my head. I walk by every tree that would be cut down and get positive energy from them. When I need motivation, I walk or sit under the trees.

It may sound strange to someone who would tear down nature to build a parking lot, but I feel like the trees are an important part of my life and instrumental in my success as a student in academics, sports and general health. I believe that cutting them down would be an unconscionable destruction of natural resources, wonderful century-old trees that are older than us all, and a blatant waste of tax dollars.

I really hope the county school board will reconsider cutting down the trees, and I know I'm not the only one who feels that way. Kill the trees and you kill an important part of this neighborhood and the people who live in it.

Nicole Goodman, Towson

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