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The GOP's uncharitable view of child migrants [Letter]

Regarding Ellen Sauerbrey's recent letter on child immigration, I suppose that as a conservative Republican Ms. Sauerbrey is also a good Christian woman, yet her rather negative response to the problem of child migrants is anything but Christian ("Sauerbrey: Undocumented children are not 'refugees,'" July 24).

It seems that all of the Republican responses to the immigration issue are very negative, though most Republicans call themselves Christian while those whom they label as "liberal" are less than Christian.

I would direct Ms. Sauerbrey and her fellow Republican naysayers, who are protesting and yelling their vitriolic comments against these Central American child refugees, to the wonderful article written by Michael Stafford, "A crisis for American Christians." Mr. Stafford calls himself a "recovering Republican," and he is now an independent.

Ron Jones, South Point

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