How does shipping LNG abroad promote U.S. energy independence? [Letter]

I'm confused about your report that Virginia-based energy company Dominion wants to convert it's little-used natural gas import terminal at Cove Point into an export facility ("A key win for LNG facility," July 24).

According to your story, shale gas extracted "from Pennsylvania, West Virginia and elsewhere would be piped there, liquefied and shipped via tankers to lucrative foreign markets. Business, labor and many local elected officials back the project, arguing it will generate jobs and help the nation achieve energy independence."

What a nonsensical couple of paragraphs. If it's supposed to help the nation achieve energy independence, why is Dominion allowed to export the liquefied gas to lucrative foreign markets?

The story goes on to say that "opponents contend nearby residents are at risk from a fire or explosion."

So, Dominion puts local residents at risk but gets to ship the gas to lucrative foreign markets and this somehow is supposed to help the nation achieve energy independence? What gibberish.

David Gosey, Towson

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