Israel is a failed state that should be dismantled [Letter]

While many readers may find our view of the Israel-Palestine situation blasphemous, we defy anyone to propose another solution for this 50-year-old conflict. We hope all can agree that another 20, 50 or 100 years of this war is unacceptable, not least because of the prospects for genocide and regional or global nuclear war.

Short of that, this conflict is not good for Israel or Palestine. A third force must step in and stop it or it will go on forever. We cannot allow the arms industry's political influence to permanently institutionalize the meat grinder called the Middle East conflict.

On one hand, the establishment of the state of Israel was a noble experiment that has not turned out the way anyone expected. On the other, Israel is founded on widespread anti-Semitism, not just the Holocaust.

Few of the Allied countries wanted to take in Jews escaping Hitler during World War II. So afterward the United Nations put Jews in someone else's country, the land of Palestine.

In short, the anti-Semitism of the U.S. and others created an untenable state of Israel, while expressing sanctimonious posturing of righteousness. In reality, Israel was set up to fail. It is a cruel hoax on Jews, who suffer collective PTSD.

The last 50 years have proven that this experiment in creating a new country is a failure and that we need to go back to the drawing board. The solution is for Jews in the U.S. to demand an end to U.S. economic and military support for an ever-expanding Israel. If that doesn't happen, the future may well "blame the Jews" all over again.

Ronda Cooperstein, Pikesville

Richard J. Ochs, Baltimore

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