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Hobby Lobby decision won't affect women's access to health care [Letter]

I would like to clarify some issues around the Hobby Lobby case that have been misrepresented in the extreme.

Under the ruling it may be true that an employer may opt not to provide coverage for four specific types of birth control. But the employer has no control over what doctor you see or what you discuss, and doctor visits are covered by insurance regardless of what an employer says.

All of these drugs are available at all pharmacies. You may have to pay full price for it as it will not be an option for co-pay. But is this the end of the world? Not really.

For the minority of women who need these drugs due to a medical disorder, maybe they should consider working for an employer who covers them. I don't say that flippantly: I have severe asthma and lived for years without insurance paying cash for my medicines. I worked to find a position with the health insurance I needed, so I'm well aware of what it costs to pay for medicines without insurance.

For everyone else, let's call it for what it is — a recreational drug. There is no "right" to have others subsidize your love life.

Joe Ferrari

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