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We're all responsible for creating our immigration crisis [Letter]

The recent deluge of children from Central America entering the country illegally is not President Barack Obama's fault alone ("America's refugee crisis," July 9).

We sell chicken to Central America cheaper than farmers there can raise their own, causing them to look for other ways to feed their families. We import billions of dollars worth of drugs from the region, creating conditions that make normal life there impossible, then we complain when people try to flee.

Our problem is that the difficulties we have created are so complex that no politician wants to try to solve them alone, nor would anyone be able to succeed alone. Yet politicians today are overwhelming us with denial of any responsibility for any problem and at the same time making certain that someone else gets blamed. What we have is a plethora of false accusations and a dearth of leadership.

If we recognize that we have problems and face them, we possibly have a chance of solving them and saving mankind. What we are failing to accept now is that most of our problems are not entirely the fault of others, and that we are all responsible for solving them.

David Ingalls, Severna Park

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