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Carroll County commissioners' knee-jerk hypocrisy [Letter]

Reporter John Fritze's recent article showed what hateful hypocrites the Carroll Commissioners, Del. Justin Ready and Rep. Andy Harris really are ("Carroll Co. officials push back on shelter for immigrant children," July 11).

They are joined by the local tea party group, which suggested in an email blast to its members that the children be met by an armed militia if they are sent to Westminster.

The Carroll Commissioners are quite fond of publicly praying for God's guidance at their meetings. In this instance they must have prayed asking what Jesus would do if confronted with hundreds of immigrant children seeking shelter on their doorstep.

The answer God must have sent them was to blame the whole situation on President Barack Obama and to threaten the Feds with an armed militia to stop the arrival of the dark-skinned children.

No matter what smoke screen these politicians use they cannot hide their hateful souls and disregard for anyone other than their own Anglo-Saxon brethren. Rather than show the slightest compassion for these children — who would only be temporarily relocated there in a secure facility where they would be provided cots, bathing facilities and medical care — Carroll County has sent out its hateful message in typical knee jerk fashion.

Its five narrow-minded commissioners and other local politicians are looking to spread their message of hate across the state and country. I am ashamed and embarrassed to live in a county where elected officials consider themselves to be leaders despite their barely concealed hypocrisy and bigotry.

Military aircraft could easily relocate these children to Westminster. The armory lies vacant and would offer a safe refuge for the children until they are processed for return to their native lands in Central America.

Rather than looking to pin blame, community leaders should be searching their hearts and minds for ways to make this airlift workable.

Neil Ridgely, Finksburg

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