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Immigrants threaten American culture, language and values [Letter]

Thanks for publishing letter writer Roz Heid's comments, which expresses the opinions held by many of us ("Obama's disastrous immigration policy," July 10).

The U.S. is justly proud of its inclusiveness, and most people want to be hospitable to newcomers. Today's arrivals, however, are from one particular area and represent a special problem since they constitute an extremely large group and therefore are not easily assimilated.

They are supported by the fashionable doctrine of multiculturalism, which encourages them to bring their language and culture with them, instead of adopting the language and customs of their new country.

Such large numbers, we are told, are to become the majority by 2050, and so represent a huge potential problem, not just to those who have become Americans but to the American way of life itself.

Do we want to become a Spanish-speaking country? Do we want to lose our own culture, our language and literature, our music and our own values? Why?

If this is not the future we want, we need to act now, while we still can — at the ballot box. We need to challenge the lax immigration policies now in place and vote into office politicians who have our best interests at heart. Otherwise it may one day be too late.

M.S. Beveridge

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