Label 'refugee' doesn't fit illegal immigrants [Letter]

Oh, please. Don't call the tsunami of unaccompanied, undocumented migrants a "refugee crisis" ("America's refugee crisis," July 9). If it were, they'd still be in Mexico. When populations flee, they seek refuge in the adjacent countries, they don't travel endless miles to a distant destination. Labeling those illegally crossing our border "refugees" is just a euphemism to soften the disaster facing this nation.

I find it incredible that Mexico is never mentioned in connection with the surge. It would be impossible for tens of thousands of unaccompanied youngsters to travel the length of that country had the government there not been complicit. You don't ride on trains or buses in Mexico without a prepaid ticket. So who funded the exodus? And if this diaspora were legitimately based on fear of violence, this alleged "refugee crisis" would impact not only Mexico but the entire region, even the Caribbean.

Sorry folks, something just doesn't wash. Why are they here and not everywhere else? No, this is an assault on America's rule of law, it is a deliberate attempt to undermine the southern border and gain access to benefits provided by U.S. taxpayers. This "refugee crisis" won't stop until our government stops it.

I'd hate to see President Barack Obama impeached, but something must be done to make him recognize what we're facing as a nation. It's so grievously unjust to ask Americans to house, educate and care for thousands of migrants who have knowingly broken our laws. It is dangerous to accommodate this enormous population that neither shares our culture nor our language. Isn't that what destroyed the Roman Empire?

R. N. Ellis, Baltimore

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