An effort to shame, cloaked in the guise of women's empowerment [Letter]

Regarding the recent rant by small business woman and political activist Michelle Jefferson ("Stop griping and get a grip, ladies," July 11), it seems that she missed the most basic and fundamental message of the women's movement in the last century: don't leave your sisters behind.

Born in 1949, I too had the privilege of experiencing, participating in and benefiting from the great cultural phenomenon known as "The Women's Movement." From the beginning we understood that all women — academics and housewives, bright and average, privileged and disadvantaged — deserve equal treatment in our world, and in some cases, assistance from those of us who could help others to achieve this.

I am grateful that Ms. Jefferson's circumstances, whatever they are, together with her personal talents and qualities have helped her to thrive. But as we all learned (or should have learned), we never leave our less advantaged sisters behind. It is unfortunate that Ms. Jefferson has tried to shame women less fortunate than herself.

Susan Oppenheimer, Baltimore

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