Don't cut literacy programs [Letter]

I was blessed to be an instructor at Baltimore Reads, Inc. It gave thousands of books away and taught English, civics and literacy. It gave students a power that only comes through education.

The instructors and administration taught in all elements, often dragging our classrooms from site to site. Our students meant everything. Their goals meant everything. It was heartbreaking to inform them we were closing. Why? Funding. Money. It told the students their futures weren't good enough to fund.

It is happening around the city and state. The disenfranchised will have a more difficult time obtaining their Maryland high school diploma thus making it more difficult to break the cycle of poverty.

I am asking citizens to speak up for your adult literacy programs, especially your community-based organizations. We want to work with these students. We know how to work with them. Let's work to minimize further cuts by city or state government.

A literate population serves us all.

Karen D. Carter, Baltimore

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