U.S. needs more young immigrants [Letter]

A recent article described the efforts of young people to escape poverty and terror in Central America and seek refuge in the United States. There are those who argue that we should stem this flow of refugees and send those in our borders back to where they came from. I say, nonsense, welcome as many as we can, count ourselves fortunate that so many resourceful young people are clamoring to come to our shores, grant them asylum, a good education and watch our economy blossom ("A call for compassion," June 28).

We in the U.S. have an aging population with a frighteningly low birth rate. Left to our own devices, our population will decline in numbers and vitality, and many of the programs we depend on like Social Security and Medicare will become unsustainable due to the low number of citizens in the work force compared to those in retirement. We need to encourage a vigorous influx of young people to maintain our economy, world influence and affluence. Bring them on and let's welcome them all!

Jack Kinstlinger, Towson

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