Who is the candidate for seniors? [Letter]

I was disappointed by the primary election. I mean no disrespect to Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, but it was obvious the Democratic Party of Maryland threw its resources and support behind him, judging by the robo-calls and television and radio ads that outnumbered his opponents' five to one ("Brown, Hogan win primaries for Maryland governor," June 25). The earlier primary day advantage clearly went to him. Summertime is travel time and the showing at the polls was abysmal. Good luck to Mr. Brown in the general election.

Now with that being said, I am wondering will he be a strong enough candidate to win in November. My choice was Attorney General Douglas Gansler and Del. Jolene Ivey. Unfortunately, they did not get as much air time to get their message out to the public. Delegate Ivey is wife of Glenn Ivey, a very successful former Prince George's County state's attorney. And we all remember Mr. Gansler for his strong leadership role during one of the worst times in the Washington area when a sniper killed 10 innocent people.

I am 82 years, 7 months and 5 days old and counting. Coming from a senior perspective, I think the Gansler-Ivey team would have been more sympathetic to senior issues. Seniors are still the largest voting bloc, and you can count on us to turn out to vote. Seniors want to talk about their quality of living and affordable housing for those on a fixed income. We want to hear about plans to investigate nursing home abuse and other issues that we face in our twilight years. Why am I paying more taxes at 82 than some corporations in Maryland? Everyone running now will need elder care someday that is just as crucial now as day care and education is for children. Yes, the children are our future, but they also grow up and become seniors eventually. The so-called "baby boomers" are retiring, and we are going to see a surge in the senior population. We must start preparing now. We are the greatest generation and now we are being forgotten in the rush for dollars for political campaigns. Money may buy you an eternal vote but it will not buy you eternal life. Humanity needs to play a role in politics also.

Joan M. Anderson, Laurel

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