Obama takes no responsibility [Letter]

I applaud Robert Erlandson's letter regarding the late Sen. Howard Baker and for speaking out on this issue ("How would Sen. Howard Baker have responded to today's IRS scandal?" July 1). Sadly, many will attack him for making an honest observation and comparison to Watergate.

The nature of today's discourse does not accept honest observation. That has been trumped by political agenda. President Richard Nixon stepped down rather than soil the office. He was held to a standard and accepted it.

President Barack Obama takes responsibility for nothing. His finger-pointing and childish retorts are the hallmark of a presidency wrought with damaged expectations and lowered standards. Honest observation about this is met with claims of racism and lies justified by contrived outrage over false grievances.

His likely successor even writes that she put her career aspirations ahead of doing the right thing. She knew full well that not speaking out against his Benghazi fabrication would be met with applause. This is because the new standard puts party politics before decency.

How sad that those who disagree with your observations excuse bad judgment and cover up as acceptable presidential behavior.

David Stark

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