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It's the teacher's, doctor's, plumber's fault [Letter]

Of course, teachers' salaries should depend on how well their students progress over the year ("A new battle in Md. schools," June 29)! How could anyone object to such a common sense concept?

It's exactly the same situation that my doctors are in. I should have lost weight years ago and exercised more. Did I? No. Did I end up with heart disease? Yes. Well, heart disease is in my family's genes, but still, my behaviors should have been different and my doctor should be held accountable — financially. To this day, I'm baffled as to why my doctor didn't come to my house with the properly proportioned, correct nutritional meals and lead me through my daily exercises. Did I end up in the hospital to have my heart repaired? Yes. Thank goodness, my doctor's evaluation will reflect this and thank goodness my doctor will not be earning as much for the health care provided me as the doctors of patients who ace their physical exams and stay out of hospitals.

The responsibility factor is paralleled, too, in the banking industry. Remember how this country was on the verge of financial collapse from the shenanigans that banks were engaged in not so long ago? Well, thank goodness those bankers were held totally accountable, were demoted and have yet to get back their full pay — not to mention that many lost their jobs and won't be subjecting the public to financial ruin anymore. And don't get me started about my plumber. The fool had to come three times after I kept flushing bubble wrap down the toilet. He only mentioned a couple of times that I shouldn't do that, but I had my reasons which I'm pretty sure were good ones. I know that on his third visit, he wasn't allowed to charge me anything since it was obviously his responsibility that I ended up with a backed-up toilet. It's now in his records that he hadn't done his job properly, and I'm so glad that others will be able to check those records before hiring him to answer their plumbing needs.

Yes, teachers' evaluations and salaries should be based on the performances of their students. Anyone with an infinitesimally tiny bit of sense could come to that conclusion!

J.L. Steinberg

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