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This election volunteer is no pest [Letter]

It's always fun to read a response to one of my letters to the editor, but the one from Sabrina Willis is a perfect example of an ad hominem attack ("Election day pests," June 30). I have never done any of the things she alleges I do. I do not harass people, I do not put out yard signs or hang giant billboards (and I have no idea what an "idiotic street wave" is).

I do not tie up traffic, create litter or ruin "the only time that most families spend together." I do not stand in the road at busy intersections. I do not make "zombie" attacks on voters.

And yes, Ms. Willis, I do pick up any litter if I accidentally drop something (this rarely occurs) and I have no idea who Connie DeJuliis' husband is.

However, it is clear you need to be educated. So I'd be happy to volunteer. My first lesson would be to refrain from attacking people you don't know. Second lesson would be not to make assumptions about letter writers in The Baltimore Sun. Third lesson, respect those who do volunteer. If it weren't for us, you might not enjoy the freedoms you do.

R.N. Ellis, Baltimore

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