Don't use a derogatory name for a football team [Letter]

I have a suggestion concerning the Redskins debate ("Facts and logic say rename Redskins," June 27), and I invite that football team to consider my little game.

Think back to your family's country of origin, no matter how recent or far back in the mists of time. Call to mind some derogatory name someone from your country has been called, whether it might be "Mick" or "Gook," "Wetback" or "Polack" or anything else.

Consider whether you'd like a ball team called by that name, posted over the web and print media, shouted out in cheers or derision at the stadium. Bet you'd be pretty upset!

So how about if we grow up and use only sports team names that people use themselves to differentiate themselves. Surely there are enough words in the English language to find some other name than Redskins.

Judy Chernak, Pikesville

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