Turn Redskins into Braves [Letter]

Wikipedia notes that although the connotation of the term Redskins is debatable, the term is defined in current dictionaries of American English as "usually offensive, disparaging, insulting, and taboo" ("Facts and logic say rename Redskins," June 27).

Although there is controversy about whether a football team name is thought of in this demeaning way, why not avoid any possible negative connotation by changing the name to an acceptable alternative? Wikipedia states that the prior name of the Washington Redskins was the Boston Braves. Therefore, by changing the team name to the Washington Braves, essentially going back to the former name of this team, will end the controversy and allow the team to keep the same logo and mascots it has now.

I saw nothing to indicate that "Braves" in the context of Native Americans would be offensive. This is a win-win solution to the controversy if the NFL will approve it. Surely, since this is a football team, it cannot be confused with the Atlanta Braves baseball team.

Larry Scheinin, Baltimore

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