The will of the people doesn't count in a one-party state like Md. [Letter]

Why was there so much shock and surprise at the low voter turnout in last Tuesday's primary elections ("By the numbers: Tuesday's primary turnout among Maryland's lowest," June 25)?

It had nothing to do with the time of year it was held or with the weak list of candidates. It was due to one thing and one thing only: Maryland is a one-party state.

I voted in the Republican primary, but to my chagrin I already know what the outcome will be in November. Will I vote in November? Most definitely. It is my right and privilege. Sadly, though, I do not have to have a doctorate in political science to foresee the outcome.

Another group that I do belong to is the nearly half of Marylanders who want to leave this one-party state -- and settle somewhere else where our votes actually matter.

Robert Derencz, Fallston

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