Native Americans who find Redskins offensive are no rarity [Letter]

Letter writer Jack Wickham thinks that few members of the First Nations find team names like Redskins (and their logos) offensive because, he says, he does not hear them complain ("Patent office goes too far with Redskins decision," June 24). I would only ask, how many Native Americans does Mr. Wickham count among his personal acquaintances? I know of no Native Americans among my acquaintances who find such names tolerable.

Writers like Sherman Alexie, moreover, have articulated what might be termed the "Native American point of view" on this subject — even if such texts have not come to Mr. Wickham's attention. I don't presume to speak for any of America's minority groups, but I have no problem understanding why members of them might not want their cultures co-opted and demeaned by the white power structure.

Furthermore, I have no problem understanding why minority voices are inaudible in a country where corporations and their money have been deemed "persons" when it comes to the matter of free speech.

Ellen B. Cutler, Aberdeen

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