Those who failed to vote can't complain [Letter]

When I sat in my car after voting at the local fire hall in Harford County Tuesday and watched the American flag gently sway in the cool summer breeze, I just thought to myself, "How lucky am I to have been born in America?"

Nowhere else in the world could I enjoy the lifestyle and freedom that I enjoy here. I am now 61 years old and have never missed an election since turning 18. People who are dissatisfied with the direction we have taken ask me what can we do to restore our constitutional form of government and shrink its ever-growing footprint, and I say to them: Restore yourself, your family, your faith and be a virtuous person. When the time comes to vote, be informed and never miss that day. There is no excuse. And I tell them if you did not inform yourself or participate, don't complain to me about anything ("Excuse us while we don't bother to vote," June 25).

I am sick and tired of left and right political attack ads, lies, deception, you name it. We need to realize we are all Americans living in a constitutional republic. America is divided bitterly because many have been uninformed, ignorant of their responsibilities as citizens. The day will come when many will say, "How did this happen?"

Stephen B. Tabeling, Abingdon

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