Dog killing make cops look like animals [Letter]

Just when you think you have seen or heard everything in Baltimore, there inevitably comes an incident that tops everything else. It would be heinous enough if the persons allegedly involved in the throat slashing of a defenseless dog were merely citizens, but they were not ("Baltimore police suspend another office in dog killing," June 19).

They were Baltimore City police officers in uniform. Some reportedly watched while one officer pinned the dog and the other officer slit the dog's throat. All were hypocrites. This egregious misuse and abuse of power makes me ill, especially when I am certain the majority of Baltimore police are good cops and moreover, good people.

So I offer a big thanks to the yellow-bellied cops who were involved in the death of a perfectly normal dog. I believe you just set the Baltimore City Police Department back to the Neanderthal era. I am incredulous that human beings can at times morph into animals themselves.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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