America can't take in all the world's unwanted children [Letter]

Americans certainly do have open hearts, and many have spare rooms. However, before anyone in Baltimore considers housing one of the unaccompanied children from the human tsunami surging up our southern border, take my advice: Don't do it ("Seeking open hearts and spare rooms," June 19).

Aiding and abetting this crisis does nothing to solve the problem. We need an organized system of immigration, not something that resembles the sack of Rome.

I've seen the photos of the situation in Texas and Arizona, and I am appalled. Nevertheless, the fault lies not with Central America but with us. This county has ignored illegal immigration for too long, and now it's reaching crisis levels.

As a contributor to Lutheran Charity here in Baltimore, I cannot in good faith ever donate to them again. Even if a family takes in one of these unaccompanied children, what next? What about their vaccinations and health care? Will Maryland taxpayers be expected to pick up the tab?

And where will they go to school? Will the sponsors provide private education at their own expense, or will the immigrants be foisted off on Baltimore's already over-burdened school system?

As I watch the travesty taking place at the border, I'm horrified. I'm shocked that anyone who calls themselves a parent would put their child in the hands of human traffickers and send them out into the night.

But America must not become the dumping ground for every unwanted kid on the planet.

Rosalind Ellis

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