Cardin's shadowy attackers [Letter]

My household recently received two mailers attacking Del. Jon Cardin from a group that calls itself "Marylanders for Integrity in Government PAC" and credited "Anne Adoryan, Treasurer." The return address was a post office box in Hampden.

When I checked the Maryland State Board of Elections' on-line database, there was no listing for this organization. When I Googled Anne Adoryan's name, I found that she was a law student who only recently moved here from Ohio. After Delegate Cardin's campaign sued the rump organization for failing to disclose its donors, a report was posted on the state election board's website showing that "Marylanders for Integrity in Government" received one $50,000 contribution from a union in Washington, D.C. and another $50,000 contribution from a union in New York City. The only local connection to this shadowy group, other than its anonymous post office box address, was a $50,000 contribution from the Maryland affiliate of the New York labor group.

Who are the Marylanders in "Marylanders for Integrity in Government PAC?"

Mark J. Adams, Baltimore

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