Sun shows sympathy for the wrong side in Israeli kidnapping story [Letter]

After three teenage Israeli students were kidnapped, The Sun's coverage emphasizes the complaints about efforts to find and rescue them ("Israeli leader accuses terrorists of kidnapping 3 teens," June 15). Really?

The photo in the story is of a mother whose son was arrested for questioning about the kidnapping, a mother who knows where her son is being held, and not of the family members of the boys who were seized. Really?

There is good and evil in the world, and surely kidnapping innocent teenage students on their way home is patently evil. There is no discernible difference between these kidnappings and that of the Nigerian teenage girls, may they be rescued and returned to their families soon. Yet The Sun promotes a noxious moral relativism that ignores the horrific crime and criticizes those trying to rescue the victims.


Jeffrey D. Silverberg, Baltimore

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