Is Lisa Markovitz a 'DINO'? [Letter]

As a lifelong Democrat, I am particularly proud of our progressive history in Howard County. We have led the way on every front from education and public safety to health care reform and LGBT rights. Our forward-looking vision is a direct result of a local government led by progressive Democrats.

This year, I am an active supporter of Jon Weinstein for the county council's District 1 seat representing Ellicott City. However, I urge fellow Democrats to carefully consider the qualifications of some other candidates in that race. In particular, I believe it is worth noting that Lisa Markovitz, a former Republican, changed her party affiliation just before she filed to run for office late last year.

Of course, I welcome Ms. Markovitz to our party. My hope is that hers is a genuine evolution to the party of progress. But until she proves that she supports our progressive values, I would urge caution.

Gary Hamer, Ellicott City

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