The Common Core is bad for Maryland children [Letter]

Emily Blumenauer's commentary instructing teachers "quit complaining about Common Core" is an example of how the follow-the-crowd mentality of our society seeks to silence those brave enough to stand up to wrongs ("Quit complaining about Common Core," June 16).

The complacent don't want to hear from dissenters because it makes their own submissive obedience so obvious.

Many teachers are raising concerns about the implementation of Common Core not only on their own behalf but on behalf of their students as well.

The changes, whether Common Core, assessments, the pre-K push, data collection or the multitude of other reforms being forced on schools through federal grants are simply bad for our kids, and good teachers know it.

A good teacher is an advocate for her students. Ms. Blumenauer may be tired, but many parents and teachers will not tire or cease until we correct this sell-out of our education system. She may be tired, complacent and silent, but we will not be.

Ann Miller

The writer is a member of the Baltimore County Coalition for Education Oversight.

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