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Mizeur a breath of fresh air [Letter]

I am sure I speak for most Marylanders when I say that Attorney General Doug Gansler and Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown have let us down with their bickering and mudslinging and dirty political tactics throughout this gubernatorial campaign. I can't go a day without seeing an outrageously obnoxious ad on TV or receiving a slimy flier in the mail.

It doesn't have to be this way.

On the contrary, Del. Heather Mizeur has been a breath of fresh air since day one. She has remained positive, even at moments it might have been easy to take a cheap shot at her opponents. She has focused on real issues and has pushed for progressive solutions that would help our state lead. She has put the people of Maryland first, rather than corporate interests, by opting into the state's public financing system. It's absolutely clear that she wants to do the job for us — to truly make a difference.

I am incredibly excited to cast my vote for Ms. Mizeur on June 24, and I hope others will do the same. It's clear the other candidates are not exciting many voters, and I really believe we will wake up to a Heather Mizeur victory the next morning.

As someone who had given up on the political process, Delegate Mizeur has restored my hope. I know that she'll always have our best interests in mind. There's a lot to say about running a clean, honest and open campaign without corrupt money. I hope Maryland continues to take notice heading into the primary.

Perry Wheeler, North Laurel

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