Huff doesn't deserve another term [Letter]

Thanks for The Sun's endorsement of Todd Huff's opponent, Del. Wade Kach, for the Baltimore County Council District 3 race ("Balto. Co. endorsements," June 11). The Sun has shown an understanding of the situation with Mr. Huff's "unimpressive" record and hit the nail on the head in debunking his taking credit for getting money for the Hereford school. This is Mr. Huff's pattern — take credit for things that others have done or exaggerate the significance of trivial things because he really has done very little. In fact, most of what he has done has been to the detriment of the citizens and the land by granting more development rights to his friends and acquaintances.

In March, when asked what he had done for agriculture, he touted that "we" have preserved 3,000 acres during his term. (Strangely, on June 11, he said it was 8,000 acres.) We all know that it is the hard work of others that accomplished this. He only needs to vote "yes" when the matter is presented to the council.

The only other thing he could recall as having helped agriculture was his work on a "right-to-farm" bill which, by his own admission, failed because it "got to be too regulatory." Back in 2009, I worked with a large group of citizens, farmers and county employees to draft a right-to-farm bill based on what most other counties have, as we found that Baltimore County was sorely lacking in this area. After the County Council (prior to Mr. Huff's arrival) passed the resolution that I wrote asking the administration to work on this subject, our proposal was provided for their use. Nothing ever came of it. The current draft to which Mr. Huff refers has nothing to do with right-to-farm. It is a different subject. I even had to file a Public Information Act request to get a copy of this draft after Mr. Huff's office ignored my request for one and he publicly admitted that it was being withheld from citizens.

I could go on and on with examples if I could use a whole page of The Sun, but I think the readers get the idea. While others claim that Mr. Huff is lying, I suspect that he really does not know the truth. I don't know which is worse for an elected official.

Mike Pierce, Kingsville

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