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Mizeur top choice for disabled [Letter]

As a disabled American, I have been anxiously watching the Maryland Democratic gubernatorial debates and reviewing each candidate's disabilities platforms. I was surprised that despite recent Congressional hearings on the death of Frederick resident Ethan Saylor that neither Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown's nor Attorney General Doug Gansler's platforms discuss disabled Americans. It leaves me wondering if they know much, if anything, of the struggles of the disabled.

In contrast, I did find that Del. Heather Mizeur's way of wanting to educate the state on what it is like to be disabled was refreshing. I also think that she is mostly on point with revamping the way disability services are done in Maryland. Especially when it comes to the waiting list for services, which I have personally been on twice in the past 20 years. I was surprised that she made no reference to her stances on what she will do with the final report from the Saylor commission, particularly given the critical role she played in making sure Ethan's death was openly and thoroughly addressed by Gov. Martin O'Malley.

In conclusion, I still believe that Heather Mizeur is the best person to be the next governor. I would look forward to working with her when she's governor for the greater good of persons with disabilities.

Kevin Boyer, Hagerstown

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