Candidate Michael Gisriel's unenviable record [Letter]

In a recent story on the race for three delegate seats in an area that extends from West Columbia to southwest Baltimore County, reporter Luke Broadwater provides good basic information on the 10 Democratic candidates ("A wide-open race for redrawn district in Baltimore, Howard counties June 7).

But more needs to be said about how different Michael Gisriel is from most of the others. To be sure, it was pointed out that he was a one-term delegate years ago, that he was disbarred in 2009, had only recently moved into the district and is wealthy enough to have lent his campaign $85,000. Some voters may not know that the district he represented was in the Towson area north of Baltimore City and that, for whatever reason, he lost his bid for re-election there in 1990.

Of course, those voters with computers can learn all of the above by doing a search on his name. What they cannot learn by computer is how he voted as a delegate, since it occurred before computerization of votes in Annapolis.

My research, which can be verified by the legislative library, shows that he voted three years in a row against banning corporal punishment in Maryland public schools; voted another three years in a row to require statistical reports on abortions and to keep the death penalty for the mentally handicapped; and voted against banning criminal charges for first-time juvenile users of marijuana.

I submit that these votes set him apart ideologically from most, if not all, of the other candidates. In short, he's no progressive and nothing he says in ads or on billboards will make him so.

Kenneth A. Stevens, Columbia

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