Md. seniors ISO political advocates [Letter]

The forgotten citizens of Maryland are the seniors and elderly who have labored over many decades to bring this state to where it is today. We are taxpayers, homeowners, homemakers, family leaders, veterans, blue and white collar careerists, and educational advocates with roots and ties to our respective communities. We are credible citizens and patient voters who have helped to create the infrastructure for growth in Maryland.

The state has repaid us with pension and other oppressive taxes that continue to drive us out of the state and into a poverty syndrome as defined by the recent letter to the editor ("Government makes life hard for the elderly," June 1). There are 800,000 of us in the state who will voice our political opinions on primary election day, June 24, and every election thereafter. We'll vote for the political aspirants who speak our language and who advocate to stop making us the walking dead with pension and other oppressive taxes. We deserve better.

Lawrence Diggs, Bel Air

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