In case you missed it

On Saturday I posted "Gauge your word-nerdiness," a ten-part quiz. Yesterday morning I posted "Measure up, word nerds," the original ten sentences, with the corrections, comments, and scoring. In case you were in church or hungover (or both) yesterday, click on the link to see how you did. 

I posted that quiz as a corrective to the kind of superficial language posts that proliferate on the Internet for people who get the vapors when someone misspells its as it's or break out in hives when someone uses hopefully as a sentence adverb or literally to mean metaphorically. Do not waste your time on that crap. 

There is serious editing to be done out there, there is not enough time to do it all properly, and there are not enough of us still employed to do it at all. Show some respect for the craft. 

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