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Huff has been good for Balto. Co. [Letter]

After reading the article, "Council members facing difficult tests," (June 5), I have to disagree with Wade Kach. As a resident of Cockeysville, I can tell you that Councilman Todd Huff has been extremely successful with numerous community issues from halting a huge development in our residential neighborhood on Pot Spring Road to addressing numerous school safety concerns in our public schools. He has visited our school on numerous occasions to witness our concerns, then acted to improve the quality of the school community quickly. Each time I have called his office with a concern, I have gotten a personal call from Mr. Huff that day, in addition to follow-up calls days later.

I recall one day last winter, our community lost water suddenly on a Friday evening. I contacted Mr. Huff about the problem. He contacted the Department of Public Works to investigate. Within the hour, he called me back and water was restored.

Baltimore County District 3 is an incredible community due to the nonpartisan efforts by Councilman Huff. As a businessman, he is willing to work for the safety and success of our neighborhoods.

Jennifer H. Tarr, Cockeysville

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