DeJuliis is sliming Brochin [Letter]

I am dismayed at the misrepresentations Connie DeJuliis has expressed about herself and her opponent, Sen. Jim Brochin in a flurry of negative political mailers ("Brochin, DeJuliis square off in redrawn north county district," May 17). Ms. DeJuliis recently sent out a mailer with the emblem from National Abortion Rights Action League on it, but in fact NARAL endorsed Senator Brochin not Ms. DeJuliis in this race. In addition, Ms. DeJuliis mentions her first career as delegate in Annapolis but fails to mention that in her four years of service she missed an astonishing 1,000 votes. If Delegate DeJuliis had been in the military instead of the House of Delegates, she would have been charged with desertion. She failed to be present to vote in favor of critical funding for education and women's issues.

Also, Ms. DeJuliis makes no mention of her 20 year career as a hired gun — lobbyist — in Annapolis. Ms. DeJuliis lobbied for chemical companies while Senator Brochin has been endorsed by the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters. Ms. DeJuliis says in her mailers that she is the Democrat in the race, yet Senator Brochin has a proven track record of voting in favor of every minimum wage and living wage effort in Annapolis over the past 12 years. Moreover, Senator Brochin voted in favor of gun regulation and gay marriage last year in Annapolis.

This June, voters need to keep in mind Senator Brochin has a proven record as a Democrat and Ms. DeJuliis has been misleading and misinforming Democrats in the 42nd Senate campaign.

Mary Ellen Pease, Towson

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