Americans are quick to turn on Bergdahl [Letter]

Some are suggesting that the trade to get Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl freed should not have been made ("Obama: 'no apologies' on deal to free Bergdahl from Taliban," June 5).

So what are they suggesting: Leaving one of our soldiers in Afghanistan?

Some have suggested that members of Mr. Bergdahl's unit may have been killed looking for him. But does that mean we shouldn't look for soldiers taken prisoner by the enemy who we think may have committed an act that led to their capture?

I don't know if Mr. Bergdahl did something that led to his capture: My point is that this should be irrelevant. All our soldiers are human.

Most importantly, when one of our soldiers comes home after five years in captivity there should at least be civility and respect toward him and his family, if not appreciation. So many hurtful things are being said as if Mr. Bergdahl and his family weren't even in the room. This to me is very sad.

Ted Buxton, Columbia

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